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Functions of Business Record Management

Functions of Business Record Management

Abstract: All records and information are valuable and significant for every organization.This record plays very important roles as decision making and businesspurposes. So such records should be preserved to obtain at the time of need.For that a business record management should be develop in every organization.

Records Management Strategies for Effective Customer Service in 

Business Organization

Abstract: Inthe business sector, customer is the most valuable asset for an organization. Amilestone of organization can be measured not just only how many products beingsold but also by how many customers are satisfied with their business. Thisachievement can only be realized by an effective customer service.

Business Continuity Plan

Abstract: Business continuityplanning (BCP) has been widely accepted by most organizations or companies ofall sizes as being an essential strategic management tool. BCPs appear toneither be comprehensive nor take into account other key elements of theorganization or companies such as the people, the process and theinfrastructure.

Business System Analysis 

Abstract: Businessanalysis has developed since the early 1990s as an IS discipline that isconcerned with understanding business problems, defining requirements andevaluating relevant solutions. Some organizations or companies use work systemmethod (WSM) as a treats systems as sociotechnical work systems with humanparticipants rather than technical systems with user.

Education and training for records management professional

Abstract: This paper aims to explore about the the definitions and the differences betweeneducation and training and the role of each in nurturing and supportinglifelong learning for records professionals: records managers and archivists.

Key stakeholders in business

Abstract: This paper aims to explore about thestakeholders in business. Further research is necessary to analyze in moredepth the way organization value can be measured and how stakeholders caninteract with the organizations involved in external certification, infacilitating organizational change. 

Business industries in Malaysia

Abstract: Abusiness is an organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial,industrial or professional activities. A company transacts business activities throughthe production of a good, offering of a service or retailing of alreadymanufactured products.

Quality of customer service

Abstract: Service qualities about customer are veryimportant concepts that organization or companies must understand if they wantto remain competitive and grow. In today’s competitive environment deliveringhigh quality service is the key for a sustainable competitive advantage.